Best Ways to See the Sights on Your City Break

Taking a city break has become a fun and exciting choice for many people. There is lots to see and do in the cities, and it provides an alternative to just lying on the beach. Therefore, you need to think about the best way to get around and enjoy the sights and sounds. Here are some of the top transport options to make the most of your city break:

Image via Wikipedia Commons
Zubizuri Bridge in Bilbao, Spain – Image via Wikipedia Commons

Hire a Car

Some people like to hire cars on their vacation, and that’s certainly an option open to you. Make sure you look into the process of hiring a vehicle and the likely cost. It’s also worth checking the roads beforehand in case there are any issues or differences with the roads and driving conditions you know back home. Hiring a car gives you the freedom to do your own thing and to explore the city at your own pace.

Use Public Transport

When you go abroad or decide you want a city break, it’s useful to make the most of public transport. A lot of people don’t like to use public transport in cities they are unfamiliar with, but it’s usually not as complicated as you might think – you just need to make sure you take a bit of time to understand how it works! Public transport is a great way to navigate a city cheaply and efficiently, as it allows you to get to a lot of different places pretty quickly. The metro or bus system is the best way to get around New York and other major cities, so learn to master the routes and you’ll be set!

Charter Bus

A lot of cities will have bus tours organized for those interested. This is great in cities where there is lots to see and experience. For instance, it would be fantastic somewhere like LA, as there is so much on offer. So consider the different LA charter bus companies out there, and try to pick the one with the best reputation that you think will offer a great experience. Taking an open top bus tour of the city is a brilliant way to see heaps in a short space of time. This is the perfect choice for a city break, especially if you’re only there for a weekend.

Image by Thomas Wolf via Wikipedia Commons
The Berlin cityscape – Image by Thomas Wolf via Wikipedia Commons


One of the best ways to get around a city is to walk. While it depends on the size of the city, most of them are at least partly walkable, and there is so much to gain from this. You can do things at a leisurely pace and take the time to enjoy your surroundings. It’s also important as it helps you to stay fit and active on your vacation. Some cities are not too huge and you’ll be able to walk the length of them in a few hours, so this is a wonderful way to gain a new perspective on the city you’re visiting.


Are you more beach break or city break? What’s your favourite way to discover a city? Let me know in the comments below!
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