Best Restaurants to eat with your family in New York

Best Restaurants to Eat with Your Family in New York

Need a little change to your everyday monotonous life? If so, the best option is to try a meal out with your whole family. But not all restaurants are ideal for a family dining out. For those who are booking flights through Cathay Pacific to New York, consider the following eating destinations along with your family and kids. Before heading to New York, do some face treatments such as Hifu, Thermage and Botox to make you well prepared for the exciting journey.

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This is a destination for quality pizza. Its thin pizza crusts are crispy and delicious! Roberta’s long tables give the impression that it is a place to hang out with a group or a family. Sit around a table and start a long chat while swallowing wood-fired pizza.

Roberta’s pizza is not regular New York pizza, but traditional Italian pizza. There is pizza in so many flavors, including garlic, pepperoni, mushroom, cheesy, and many more.  I recommend you avoid Fridays, as you cannot find a table here on those nights.

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

Never head here without your kiddos! As you enter, you will feel like you’re stepping back in time into an old soda shop. This restored old pharmacy turned into an old ice-cream shop is full of history and a very fun place to visit in New York with your family. It is set in a beautiful part of Brooklyn that will delight everyone.

Not only kids but also adults will love the Egg Cream served here. The huge sundaes are unique in flavors. Don’t forget to try their ice-cream sandwich! The menu is full of classic and innovative items to choose from. It’s a perfect spot to be checked in with your family for a dessert and to enjoy a soda float!


Benihana is an amazing hibachi spot! It is a wonderful restaurant to take the family out for lunch. It boasts lots of yummy food with a bar on the first floor. The little show is entertaining.

The great thing about Benihana is that you could talk with the chef to avoid spices that you are allergic to and it is fun to watch your dishes being cooked as well. The food experience you get here is worth the money you spend. Customers of Benihana always look for meat specialties and seafood. I’m sure that you will get full before you even finish your plate.

New York restaurant food

Shake Shack

This is a restaurant that offers American cuisines for dinner and lunch. Everyone goes to Shake Shack for the burgers, but the hot dog is delicious too! Although this place is always packed, it will not be hard to grab a table for you and your family. I suggest you find a table as soon as you enter Shake Shack while only one of you stays in the queue. It’s worth the wait for hamburgers and fries, which are the best around.

Looking for good shakes? Come to Shake Shack. The internal atmosphere is ideal for a family with kids, and the place is so clean.

Serendipity 3

This restaurant is known for two things. One is the Serendipity movie theme and the other is the frozen hot chocolate. Therefore, arranging a reservation in advance is a good idea. Don’t forget to take a look at the world-records in the front portion.

There is an upstairs and downstairs. The upstairs floor is a bit classier, while the downstairs level has a unique vibe. A great place for local and foreign families to go to and enjoy a yummy meal and a tasty drink.

King Restaurant

A simple but fancy restaurant in the middle of SoHo dressed in white tablecloths. Although King boosts a changing menu, its pillar specialties include lobster salad, steak, and rabbit.

Eat well in the dining area, as you can then burn the calories in the playing area. Tennis and many other leisure sports are there for you at King. The calm but slightly fantasy atmosphere is appropriate for a family dine out and perfectly created inside King.  

Russ & Daughters Café

If you want to get a cultural experience without going to a museum in New York, come to Russ & Daughters Café. It will offer you dinner and breakfast (but not lunch).

If New York’s Lower East Side is a crown, Russ & Daughters Café is its jewel. The interior looks and feels historic, although it isn’t original. Parents who love antiques will surely enjoy a delicious family dinner in a historic backdrop. You can eat here until 10 pm every day.

Tavern on the Green

Come here for lunch, brunch or dinner. Revolving around a hearty, rustic menu styled with local fresh ingredients, Tavern on the Green warmly invites families and groups of friends. It has treated the taste buds of people since 1870.

You can sit in the beer garden with a view of Central Park. The ambience in the spacious indoor and outdoor is vibrant, welcoming, and peaceful.

Momofuku Nishi

Looking for Asian comfort food? Visit Momofuku Nishi. Both vegetarians and meat lovers are always welcome to Momofuku Nishi. On a steaming summer day, come for a cold noodle meal, while on a freezing winter day, you can enjoy a hot savory rice cake. This is a superb lunch option for a family to start a long discussion at a long communal table.

Casa Apicii

This is an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village. In an emergency, if your parents have come to town without informing you and you have to serve them dinner but haven’t prepared anything, take them to Casa Apicii without thinking twice! It will create an ambience similar to your home’s.

The most attractive fact about Casa Apicii is that arranging a reservation here is not that difficult. Don’t forget to try the kinds of pasta here which are brought to the table on tiny cute plates. Soon after the dinner, accompany your parents to the semi-secret bar upstairs. They will find it super cool.


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