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California: Nothing But Fun In The Sun

The Golden State is a huge territory, with every terrain you could imagine, loads to see and do, and plenty of sunshine. If you’re visiting California in the near (or far away) future, you might want to plan all the big and small things you want to do ahead of your trip. Whether you’re planning to trek in the great outdoors or to enjoy some classic Americana in the bustling cities, arriving with a plan in mind is a good idea. The following are some ideas to pop down in your travel journal if all you can think about is the west coast of the USA.

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Sun, Sea, And Sand

Many people think of beaches and sunglasses when someone mentions California, and they’re right to! The coastline of this vast state is breathtakingly beautiful and has secluded spots for a sunset photo, along with busy tourist areas that are at the top of many people’s bucket lists. Laguna Beach is located in one of Orange County’s most fashionable towns and provides beautiful blue waters and a dramatic rocky landscape that surrounds the clean sands below – perfect for chilling out or for a spot of volleyball. By contrast, Venice Beach provides its visitors with an eclectic mix of artists, bodybuilders, and free-thinkers who will all help to stimulate your senses and are ready to pose for photographs at the drop of a hat.

Landmarks, Mickey, And Americana

Checking into a hotel like the Best Western Plus Executive Inn in southern California will allow you to travel to a variety of the state’s tourist hotspots before heading back to an easily-accessible base. Disneyland may well be beckoning you, and it’s well worth the visit if you’re a fan of the animation and the souvenirs (those mouse ears will look great on you). LA and the infamous Hollywood sign are other great places to take some classic photos for your Instagram, and if celeb-spotting is your thing, then you’ll have gone to the right place. There will also be plenty of shopping destinations and malls that will cater to your every whim in southern Cali; you’ll leave with far more than your luggage allowance will permit, so try not to get too carried away.

National Parks, Wildlife, And Fresh Air

If you manage to escape the addictive bright lights of the city and need to burn off the sugar that you consumed in Disneyland, California is home some of the world’s most beautiful national parks. Whether you feel like a hike through the trees and mountains, or want to trek through a desert environment and really feel the heat, there’s a park and an area for you. Check out some of the best national parks in California here: http://www.visitcalifornia.com/feature/9-great-national-parks and get inspired to visit. From Yosemite and King’s Canyon to Death Valley and Joshua Tree, the parks are varied and full of native wildlife, plants, and scenery worthy of being your next desktop image. It’s worth booking a guided tour, especially if you’re not a natural explorer. This will allow you to see all the best sights safely and within the time you have available on your trip.


Which is your favourite California beach and/or national park? Let me know your vote in a comment!

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