Who Am I?

About Me

Hello! I’m Camille, a thirty-something publishing and literature graduate from France.

I grew up a few kilometres West of Paris, and moved to the UK for my studies at 18. I ended up living in London and among the dreamy spires of Oxford for 9 years.

It was a long love/hate relationship with my adoptive country, but in February 2013, I felt ready to open a new chapter by taking to the road.

At that time, I had a good job, a fine relationship, and an all-round nice life… yet something felt off. In fact, whatever it was, that something was so wrong that I fell severely ill. After suffering a serious anxiety and depression disorder that nearly killed me, I decided to make a change.

I was going to give in to my nagging wanderlust and live my life more fully. I was going to chase the “more” I had been looking for.

So against everyone’s advice, I quit my life as I knew it, bought a round-the-world ticket, and made an 80L backpack my home.

(To find out more about my reasons for taking this trip, read my travel manifesto.)

Six months in, it became obvious that roaming the world was not just something I needed to get out of my system – it was the way I was meant to live my life!

Since then, I have downsized to a 44L backpack, lived temporarily in South Korea, Thailand, & Colombia, and created location-independent sources of income that allow me to take my work with me anywhere.

As a travel writer, I have contributed to publications such as AWOL (Qantas Airlines’ blog), Matador Network, and All That Is Interesting.

For my blog and my popular Instagram page @CamWonderlands, I have also been chosen as one of the best travel influencers to work with by Influence.co.

Ready for the cheesy part of the story?!

After 4 years of solo travels, in November 2017, I met a dashing Dutchman in a cafe in Vientiane, Laos (of all places!).

This crazy man with an unpronounceable name turned out to be my nomad soulmate, and we are now partners in life and in business (and a little bit in crime too!)

Together, we offer digital marketing consulting and management to help travel and lifestyle brands soar with killer online marketing and advertising.

(Need our help? Get in touch!)

About This Blog

I started
 Camille in Wonderlands to combine my biggest passions: travel, writing, lifestyle design, social media, and marketing.

As well as sharing my adventures, I want this blog to be packed with value for YOU. So expect plenty of entertaining stories, helpful tips and reviews, inspiring photography, exciting offers and giveaways… as well as the occasional rant!

Happy wanderings!

Let’s get more intimate!

Some of the things that make me happy…

  • Riding motorbikes ?
  • Reading and writing poetry
  • Snorkeling and scuba-diving (mermaid ?‍♀️ syndrome!)
  • Adventure sports
  • Cheese ? and wine ? (obviously!)
  • Having endless existential conversations (fueled by cheese and wine, obviously)
  • European and independent cinema ?️ (I’m an arthouse film geek!)
  • Instant connections and chemistry
  • Singing karaoke ?
  • Modern and surrealist art (Dali, Magritte etc.) ?
  • Playing football (a.k.a. soccer) ⚽
  • Reading ? in hammocks
  • Posting photos ? on Instagram – it’s my creative outlet!
  • The Olympics
  • Having a great TV show on the go
  • New places and experiences ?
  • Mr B!

…and some of the things that don’t!

  • Snakes ? and spiders ?️ – eeeek!
  • Clubbing ? – I’m too old for this sh*t, Netflix all the way! 😉
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes (I’m a trained copy-editor, hence a bit of a grammar nazi ?!)
  • The 10,000 Marvel movies produced by Hollywood annually: whyyy?!
  • BEER!!! ? I stopped drinking beer at 21 because I realized I didn’t like it, and had never liked it. Do you know how much of a handicap it is not to like beer as a human being, and even more so as a traveler? The whole world thinks you’re an alien, and it’s pretty much the only drink available and affordable in most countries, so I have to choose between being on water the whole night, or buying a glass of wine or a cocktail… for the price of 5 beers! It’s a sad, sad affliction! 🙁
  • Classical/religious art
  • Ice cream ? and pizza ? (I’m bonkers, I know…)
  • Waking up early ?


Did you read this far? ? You deserve a little reward…

So, for your entertainment, here is possibly the ugliest photo ever taken of me… enjoy!

scuba diving easter island
Looking like a creature straight out of Pan’s Labyrinth: incriminating evidence of my first-ever scuba dive off Easter Island.

“Life was too small to contain her…”

– Sylvia (2003).