Want A Great Vacation Home? Check Out These Top Resort Picks

Most of us love getting away from it all to enjoy a wonderful vacation somewhere exotic – but we often find reasons to complain about the accommodation. Many people want to enjoy a ‘home away from home’ feeling, but they want their vacation home to be far superior to what they can get back at their own house. It might be dirty, too small, or just not close enough to the major attractions. Worse still, it can feel over-priced for what you’re getting. To remedy this, here are some great places you should check out before you check in!

The Caribbean is full of luxury villas, five-star hotels, and plush resorts to satisfy those wishing to vacation there. However, there are also plenty of areas in the region that aren’t quite so desirable, and while the weather is incredibly good most of the year, there are some months that are rainy and stormy and are best to avoid. Aruba is on most people’s list of stunning vacation hotspots, and most of the accommodation on this island is top quality.

Resort in Thassos, Greece - Picture by Ronald Saunders via Flickr
Resort in Thassos, Greece – Picture by Ronald Saunders via Flickr

Greece has become a favorite vacation destination for all the right reasons. The weather is great almost all year round, and resorts like Amanzoe Porto Heli Greece offer exclusive accommodation, with an emphasis on luxury and quality. Cyprus is easily accessible from Greece. It offers even more first-class beaches and ancient history to enjoy. Food varies from region to region, but you can find excellent dining opportunities within the resorts.

World-renowned for city breaks, Western Europe has a lot to offer those looking for a cultural breakaway. Cities like London have celebrity-class hotels in the center of everything. However, there are much also cheaper alternatives that can be a little hit-and-miss in terms of quality. Of course, the best resorts sit on the Mediterranean coast, in places like the Côte d’Azur. Here you’ll find luxury yachts, hot sandy beaches, and the best boutiques.

For something a little more active and family-friendly, you might be keen to try out a Club Med-style resort. There are usually classes for adults, spas, and a kids’ club to entertain the little ones. Menus often include a wide range of dishes to suit most tastes. This kind of resort is delightful for large groups to enjoy, although it may seem a little lacking in local culture for some. Mexico‘s Ixtapa Pacific is one of the best resorts in the region for family fun.

The Dominican Republic has become popular thanks to resorts like the Meliá Caribe Tropical Punta Cana. A ‘Royal’ upgrade is the way to go to guarantee sheer delight when it comes to your accommodation. Great weather, heaps of activities, and tropical food will make your vacation here a happy one.

Wherever you venture to this summer, choose accommodation that you’ll love. A resort could offer all the luxury and fun you’re looking for – so which of these resorts will you choose to visit this year?


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  1. I have a friend who is in the process of buying a vacation house, which he does plan on renting out and paying his expenses for it that way. One problem with a vacation house is that then you are invested in vacationing in that one spot all the time.

  2. A great and awesome post and some good pieces of advice are there.
    My parents are starting to look into getting a vacation rental home. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to make sure that you know if you want to have a nice kitchen or not. That does seem like a good thing to have figured out before looking for a rental property.

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