Heading To Texas? Here Are Five Cities You Must Visit

Texas is the second-largest state in the U.S. Located in the south of the country, it has a varied landscape of pine forests and deserts, and a long sprawling river that borders Mexico. Although the Texan weather is generally good, it can also be quite humid at times. The state is home to some amazing cities, all of which have their unique reasons to visit.

To help you plan your trip to the “Lone Star State”, below are my top five destinations and why you should visit them!

Houston skyline - Image via Wikipedia
Houston skyline – Image via Wikipedia Commons


Houston is a sprawling city with a metropolis of skyscraper buildings and a lot to see. It is famously home to the Space Centre, where some of the training for NASA astronauts takes place. If museums are more your thing, then you’ll be delighted with the museum of fine arts and the museum of natural science. For more information on what’s going on this dynamic city, you can check out the very helpful Houston Hotel Magazine.


Dallas is a modern and bustling city in the northern region of Texas. Best-known as the location in which John. F Kennedy was assassinated (at Dealey Plaza), it features an interesting memorial to the event. However, art is at the forefront of Dallas’ attractions as the city boasts it very own art district, including an amazing Asian art collection that goes back hundreds of years. The Dallas architecture tour also offers some excellent insights into the city itself. All in all, Dallas is a suitable destination for the whole family, with great child-friendly attractions.

Christmas in San Antonio - Image via Wikipedia Commons
Christmas in San Antonio – Image via Wikipedia Commons

San Antonio

San Antonio is a different-style city in the southern region of Texas. Due to the legacy of the 1836 battle of Texan independence from Mexico, the city has a real Hispanic feel to it. A great attraction is the mile-long river walk, which features an abundance of cafes and restaurants along the promenade. Overall, San Antonio is rich in culture and offers many attractions for everyone to enjoy.


The state capital of Austin is located on the Eastern edge of the Texas state. It is above all known for being the live music capital of the world, and you can fully experience that aspect of the Austin life by hitting its countless venues. If you are into Formula 1, you may also want to visit the famous raceway there. In addition, Austin is a fantastic destination for sports-focused individuals: whether you’re more into hiking and biking or swimming and boating, the many lakes and parks offer plenty of opportunities for all types of outdoor activities.

Fort Worth Stockyards Exchange Avenue - Image via Wikipedia
Fort Worth Stockyards Exchange Avenue – Image via Wikipedia Commons

Fort Worth

Last but not least is the city of Fort Worth, which became an important trading outpost for cowboys in the late 19th century. Today, the city retains much of this cultural heritage, with the National Cowgirl Museum and its hosting of famous rodeos. A stay in Fort Worth will offer you a unique and unforgettable immersion in the cowboy history and lifestyle.

I hope this inspires you to consider some of the great cities in Texas!


Which of these Texan cities is at the top of your list? Let me know in the comments below!

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