Pilgrimage Routes That Will Change Your Life

Our busy lifestyle leaves us little time to relax. Days tend to look all the same: wake up, work, home, and start again tomorrow. With such a packed day-to-day agenda, it becomes difficult to experience peaceful breaks. We are so used to our fast-paced society that we naturally pack activities throughout the day even on holidays. As a result, even though we are getting up a little later and not sitting in front of a computer all day, our mind is never really at rest. We don’t give ourselves the time to think and appreciate the life and world around us. This is an excellent reason to take pilgrimage holidays for those who want to experience faith differently, or who want to follow the path of the pilgrims of the past. You don’t need to be religious for these: often an interest in culture and history is all it takes to benefit!

Discover The Wonders Of Petra

The wonders of Petra
The wonders of Petra

Petra is called the Rose City of southern Jordan due to the color of the stones out of which its monuments are made. The city was entirely carved out of the solid rocks of the valley in Antiquity, and it is said to lie on the slope of biblical Mount Hor from the Ancient Testament. Whether you believe the theory that Petra was a key biblical site or not, its magic and the beauty of Jordan lie elsewhere. You will find shrines for ancient deities carved in rocks, the tombs of wealthy and royal families from the time of the Pharaohs, and Christian temples. The historical site therefore carries a strong message of peace and tolerance, as different societies and religions cohabited happily in the ancient trade hub of Petra. The Dead Sea is just around the corner too! So if you get the chance, let your everyday worries sink to the bottom as you float away on the surface.

Walk The Camino De Santiago

Along the Camino... - Photo by Luis Hernandez via Flickr
Along the Camino… – Photo by Luis Hernandez via Flickr

The Camino de Santiago – also called the Way of St. James – is a European network of pilgrimage routes that are designed to take you to the tomb of St. James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. For many, the UNESCO World Heritage Site that crosses Italy, France and Spain (and many other countries, depending on where you start your route) is a walk of inner peace that offers pilgrims the time and environment they need to reflect on their lives and the world. You will find amazing paths crossing beautiful areas. It is easy to understand why the Way of St. James provides a great opportunity to recenter yourself.

Lose Yourself Into The Kumano Kodo Adventure

Walking with the geishas - Photo by puffyjet via Flickr
Walking with the geishas – Photo by puffyjet via Flickr

The Kumano Kodo is a Japanese network of pilgrimage paths that lead to Kumano Sanzan, a sacred site, or to the Three Sacred Shrines of Kumano. The Kumano Kodo walk is a diverse and enriching opportunity to discover Japanese culture and lifestyle. You will find yourself overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape around you as you pass by a variety of religious symbols of different origins and beliefs that have been gradually incorporated into the trail. This is a truly regenerating experience that will allow you to find your inner peace amid nature and testimonies of centuries of human faith. Here again, there is no need to be religious to follow the path. The stunning beauty of the nature and the historical symbolism along the way are more than enough to make the walk enjoyable and meaningful.


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