Eat Your Way Around The USA!

Often when people think of American food, their minds immediately go to burgers and fries. But the large, diverse country of the USA has a lot more than that, and it’s only by travelling around and keeping your ear to the ground for recommendations that you will get to try authentic fare in the very best places. Alternatively, reading the culinary roundup below will help you sample the best of American cuisine in the north, middle, and south of the USA!

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Northern America


Washington DC

Starting in the north of the country, there are plenty of amazing eateries to take advantage of in Washington DC. In particular, you should pay a visit to the Art and Soul restaurant on New Jersey Avenue. If it’s good enough for the Obamas, it should be good enough for us! Right? 😉

It’s also great for folks who have their puppies with them, as they offer a pooch menu served on the patio. You can actually order frozen banana treats and non-alcoholic beer for your canine friends!

However, if you’re ordering for humans rather than your doggie friends, the Amish chicken thighs come highly recommended. So does the mole braised short ribs. And if you’re still feeling a little peckish, don’t forget the crab deviled eggs!

Middle America


St Louis

In the middle part of the huge land that is the USA, you will find Missouri, the capital of which is St Louis. There, like in every other large American city, you will be overwhelmed with the huge choice of delicious food on offer.

If you are seriously hungry, try the gyros at the Seamus McDaniel’s Irish Pub on Tamme Avenue.

Or if you are looking for a healthier bite, pick a jumbo wrap choked full of vegetables and tofu at Don’t forget the ginger sesame sauce, and the side order of spiced eggplant isn’t half-bad either!
eat-food-St Louis-USA
Of course, that’s not the only place with an excellent reputation that you should try in St Louis. So how about stopping by The Shaved Duck? Don’t let its unusual name put you off: the food comes highly recommended. In particular, the duck confit & smoked mozzarella flatbread with a sweet bourbon drizzle is not to be missed.

Southern America



Now when visiting Texas, it would be a real shame to miss out on the high-quality beef on offer in Dallas… This is why you should pay a visit to the Big Texan Steak Ranch, where you can get a whopping 72 OZ steak! But you’ll have to eat it in less that 4 mins and 18 seconds to beat the current eating champion, Molly Schuyler! Read more about her amazing exploits at
Or why not give the novel and interesting Magic Time Machine a try? There you get food and a floor show, and it’s the only place where you can get a popcorn shrimp served to you by a dude in a Jack Sparrow costume! Savvy?!
Or if you are just after a light bite instead, visit Sabaidee, a small restaurant serving Lao and Thai street food that should not be missed!


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