Camille’s Adventures in Wonderlands: Month 1 Round-Up

It's already been just over a month since I started travelling, and I can't believe that much time has passed!After a short adaptation phase, I have slowly settled into the routine of my new life on the road and have begun to plan less and less, to travel more savvily, and to meet more and more people.I am currently staying with a friend in Santiago de Chile - you can't ...

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Patagonia Argentina Perito Moreno glacier

Congealed at Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina’s ice giant

Oh, weather. Why did you let me down? You'd been such a good friend until now!Still, I suppose you can´t win every time, and after being incredibly lucky in Iguazu, perhaps it was only fair that I should see my second world-class natural wonder through thick curtains of rain...Actually, an angry sky isn´t the only thing that went wrong as I set out to discover the 250 km2, 60 m tall ...

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Chocolate, lakes and cottages: enjoying the Swiss – I mean, Argentinian! – Alps in Bariloche

I'd forgotten how much I love the mountains.I used to go skiing every year since I was 6 and, as a teenager, I spent several summers in a row hiking in the French Alps.But I'd had to pass on skiing these last few years and, aside from a couple of short trips to North Wales' Snowdonia, it had been nearly three years since I'd last had a chance to spend some proper time in the mountains.So it ...

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Puerto Madryn, Argentina

(No) Whales & Wales: My Patagonian Safari in the Chubut Province of Argentina

It feels good to stay put for a day, after spending the last 48 hours road tripping through the barren plains and fossilized rock formations of the Chubut province in Northern Patagonia.The region's two principal draws are its rich wildlife - including several marine species which you can get unusually close to - and more incongruously, the Welsh influences of an area that was first colonised by 153 Welsh settlers in 1865!So, ...

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When Camille met Roberto: my unexpected Buenos Aires encounter

Hello from my new abode in Palermo! I am no longer a resident of the America del Sur hostel in San Telmo, but have moved to the other side of town and am now renting a sofa-bed in a small flat in Palermo Soho - sharing with the owner, a 39-year-old Argentinian lady, and her cat Ramon.It's not that the hostel wasn't good. In fact, with its many facilities and activities it was pretty great (it's been ...

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