Wanderlust Instagrammy Awards: Malaysia in 20 Amazing Pictures

  As a child of the Facebook generation who only let Twitter into her life reluctantly, I resisted Instagram for a long time...and immediately got hooked as soon as I gave in to the photo-sharing app! The travel pictures I see on it every day are like porn to my wanderlust and a constant source of inspiration, so I've decided to share the best of them with you!Each week, the Wanderlust ...

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Top things to do in Yangon Myanmar travel guide

8 Top Things To Do in Yangon, Myanmar That You Can’t Miss

Rangoon. Yangoon. Yangon. No one pronounces it the same way (it’s actually Yangon – Rangoon is the old name, and Yangoon is, well, just a misguided mix of the two!), but almost everyone visiting Myanmar transits via the country’s largest city. So, what are the best things to do in Yangon?As one of the two international getaways (with Mandalay) and the main hub for internal transport, you can’t really avoid ...

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visit Ayutthaya Thailand kingdom temples

Feeling Like Indie in Ayutthaya, Thailand

When you spend any length of time in Asia, visiting temples can become, well, a little repetitive.In the space of two months, I had been in Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand, four countries where religious (mainly Buddhist) buildings - temples, monasteries, shrines - constitute some of the main attractions. Okay, most of those places are stunning, but still, one does get somewhat desensitized, particularly when one is not religious ...

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The Complete Guide to Having the Great Wall of China to Yourself

(Or at least, a tiny fraction of the Great Wall's 21,196 kilometers.)This involves only one step: turn left.But let me rewind. When my friend managed to block out three weeks to come visit me in Korea, I suggested we include a few trips out of Seoul. 'We could even go to Jeju', I said. 'Or Taiwan. Or the Philippines'.'Or...Beijing?!', my friend replied, having done a quick online search. 'There are ...

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