Why Anaheim, California, Is a Must-Visit With Children

With its renowned beach resorts and star cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, the Golden State needs no introduction as a travel destination. However, lesser-known parts of California have plenty to offer, too.

If you’re going on holiday with children, head to Anaheim. Located just outside of LA, this town is packed with fun attractions that will delight little ones. It also has a wide range of family-friendly IHG hotels near the Anaheim Convention Center to guarantee a convenient stay for all generations. Need proof? Here are six reasons Anaheim is a standout choice for parents traveling with kids.



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Anaheim is home to the West Coast Disneyland Resort, a whole Disney-inspired universe of theme parks offering thrilling rides, encounters with famous cartoon characters, atmospheric restaurants, and spectacular shows. The parks almost form a complete city of their own. There’s so much to see and do that your children are bound to want to spend more than one day exploring the resort. Fortunately, you can take advantage of multi-day passes to prolong the fun.

Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

If your Disneyland visit hasn’t yet quenched your little ones’ thirst for wonder and new sensations, stop at the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center next. Young and old adventurers alike will love the chance to simulate flying a Boeing 737 commercial airplane or an F-16 Fighting Falcon military plane. You’ll quickly get to know the controls and the cockpit in these exhilarating flight simulations.

Sky Zone Anaheim Indoor Trampoline Park

Yet another chance to fly! Sky Zone Anaheim is the world’s first indoor trampoline park, and it’s the perfect way for the family to get active while having fun. Whether you want a proper workout or just a leisurely bounce, the park offers different activities for both adults and children.

Sports a Gogo


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If your boys and girls are little athletes or sports lovers, don’t miss the opportunity to catch a baseball or hockey game in action. Experience the vibrant atmosphere of a Major League Baseball game at Angel Stadium or a National Hockey League match at the Honda Center. Both arenas are world-class venues, and the real fans in your family can even take a 75-minute tour of Angel Stadium.

Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill

Lunch or dinner at the Anaheim Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill isn’t just a meal: it’s a full experience, and a must-do with children. Not only is this barbecue joint a winner for its lively ambience, but it also has one of the top 10 kids’ menus in America as voted by Restaurant Hospitality. That means that your young foodies will find something to their taste, and you can focus on tackling your own pork ribs or Angus steak.

Yorba Regional Park


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Should you need a bit of fresh air after all this indoor activity, the 140-acre Yorba Regional Park is the perfect outdoor playground for the family to enjoy a nature walk or cycling and a picnic by the Santa Ana River. Throw in opportunities for model boat sailing and fishing, and I’m sure everyone will be sold.
With all these fun-filled attractions, all members of the family are set to have a happy and memorable vacation in Anaheim. Book your stay and have a magic time with your children!


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