Bergen, Norway: a Photo-Essay

Do you know much about Bergen, Norway’s second city? Yeah, I didn’t either…

To be honest, the only reason I put it on my Norwegian itinerary was so I could catch a train from there. The Oslo-Bergen train journey is hailed as one of the world’s most beautiful, so my plan was to:

a) fly to Bergen (only 50 minutes from Oslo and 40ish euros with Norwegian – and wow, you get free in-flight wifi [but very little time to use it!])
b) avoid having to sell one arm to buy decent accommodation for a single night there; and
c) make a quick railway exit the next day.

Because, really, all I could hear about Bergen was that it was cold and rainy. (Okay, and maybe that it was pretty. And that it had a wharf with colourful old houses. And mountains and fjords all around.)

But I don’t know, I wasn’t excited. I guess I was just focusing on the rainy (I mean, it is even nicknamed the ‘City of Rain’!)…

So, I flew to Bergen with a Couchsurfing offer from an Argentinian guy and no sightseeing plans (but guys, I had just spent a weekend living the life in the mountains – I needed to recover!).

Well, here’s the *very unexpected* twist to this story: Bergen was, in fact, LOVELY. Because well, it had colourful old houses. And mountains and fjords all around.
Bergen Bryggen wharf

View of Bergen Bryggen from other side of wharf

Camille in front of Bergen Bryggen wharf
I know I look photoshopped in, but that’s just the weird light and exposure!

And oh, it didn’t rain. (But then again, that did seem like a one-off, considering how over-eager the locals were to go out and soak up the sun!)

Chilling in Bergen square
Making the most of the blue skies… flocking to the fish market for a seafood lunch!
…by flocking to the fish market for a seafood lunch!

Beyond that, Bergen also has a much more European and ‘old world’ vibe than Oslo, with its German-built Hanseatic merchant area, terraced cafes, and cosy pubs.

Colourful houses of Bryggen area, Bergen
Close-up on…the colourful houses of Bryggen (note the ‘nightclub’!)

Bryggen Bergen in stormy light

Bergen Bryggen hanseatic houses

Bergen pretty old houses
Tell me that this doesn’t remind you of good old Belgium or Germany!

And even though I still didn’t do much there, just walking around the picturesque city and coastal path was enough to decide I really, really liked Bergen.
20150616_123117 (2)

Bergen sea view

The Bergen coast

Park in Bergen, NorwayI had a blast with those guys! I had a blast with those guys! [/caption]


Have you ever been surprised by a destination you didn’t expect much from? Do you have any great Couchsurfing stories? Let me know in the comments below!

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19 thoughts on “Bergen, Norway: a Photo-Essay”

  1. What a great post. Bergen looks absolutely beautiful – love the colours. Great to hear that your experience was made even better by Couchsurfing… I recommend Couchsurfing to everyone… signing up to that site was one of the best decisions I ever made. It’s like making thousands of friends all over the world at the click of a button :).

    Fab post.

    Gabby @ recently posted…Pinewood Film Studios: Travelling the World in your Lunch BreakMy Profile

  2. Les maisons colorées au bord de l’eau, c’est bien nordique… Bergen est aussi, je crois, le point de départ (ou d’arrivée) de l’express côtier qui rejoint le nord de la Norvège en 6 jours en longeant les côtes, les fjords et en faisant étape dans les grands ports du pays.

  3. Bergen is one of the places that I want to visit during my studies in Sweden. I’ve heard that it’s a beautiful town, but I’m surprised how great it looks in your pictures. I’m used to having all my pictures from Scandinavia naturally grayscaled because of the gloomy weather. You were lucky this time 🙂
    Patricia recently posted…How it all started in The Lost WorldMy Profile

  4. I am glad Bergen turned out to be such a pleasant surprise for you! 🙂 I studied abroad in Bergen for ten months and absolutely fell in love with the city and the beautiful mountains around it, so I am always super stoked to see people visit and love it! 🙂
    Melanie Fontaine recently posted…A Countryside WeekendMy Profile

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