Finding the Edge of Oslo on an Alternative Tour

  Have you ever visited a city and felt like something was missing? You've toured the touristy areas, you've seen the sights, but somehow you're not sure how it all fits together, what's between those landmarks and what 'lies East'. Or maybe, you haven't captured the atmosphere of the city, how it grew and the way the locals actually live, work, and play.Basically, you haven't scratched beneath the surface.This is what ...

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Bergen, Norway: a Photo-Essay

  Do you know much about Bergen, Norway's second city? Yeah, I didn't either...To be honest, the only reason I put it on my Norwegian itinerary was so I could catch a train from there. The Oslo-Bergen train journey is hailed as one of the world's most beautiful, so my plan was to:a) fly to Bergen (only 50 minutes from Oslo and 40ish euros with Norwegian - and wow, you get ...

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Inside Norwegian hytte

The Serious Business of Norwegian Summer ‘Hyttelivet’ (‘Cottage Living’)

  When my friend Marie invited me to stay with her in Oslo two weeks ago, she mentioned that we could also spend a weekend at her cottage in the mountains. 'Yeah sure', I said, not giving it much thought, 'Why not. A weekend away sounds nice'. Immediately, she started getting excited, sending me pictures of said cottage and describing it down to the last detail...'Okay', I thought, 'she sounds very ...

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