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Missouri isn’t one of the American states often hailed for its potential as a stunning travel destination, like, say, California. However, it does have attractions that are worth visiting if you’re travelling across the Midwestern States. The region has serene backdrops of forested mountains and offers a mix of natural beauty and city bustle. Granted, you couldn’t spend an extended period of time if you were looking for something specific from your journey, but the state is great to visit as part of a whistle-stop tour. Here are some of the best things to do in Missouri.

Wine Country

If you are a wine aficionado, then the state has a lot to offer! There are different vineyards scattered across the country that are well worth the visit. While the region doesn’t set off the same spark as Napa Valley, it does have some great attractions, such as the wine tasting event found at http://hermannwinetrail.com/wine-trail-events/. (Just be sure to spit your wine out, or you’ll be going home a little worse for wear!). Events like these are all over the state, and different attractions are more popular at certain times of the year. Buying a bottle of wine from a wine tasting tour can see you find something perfectly suited to your taste and provide you with a good souvenir.


Kansas City, Missouri



There is a lot of culture to be found in Missouri. The Botanical Gardens feature a brilliant illuminated green building filled with all kinds of flora and fauna, and the state is also rich in interesting museums. The national World War I Museum provides a look into America’s role in the great war, and gives a harrowing account of the conflict, with a display of artifacts dating back to it. There are lighter museums too, such as the Nelson-Atkins museum of art, better suited for lovers of fine arts. If you have more of a flare for nautical history, then the Arabia Steamboat Museum chronicles the sinking and restoration of the Arabia, and is a great place for adults and children alike. Meanwhile, Missouri’s Kansas City is full of jazz bands and small bistros to get some good food, so you are never far away from some music and entertainment.


Missouri is home to some great outdoors areas, such as the Evergreen Forest Park. But if you were looking for something more majestic, then the Elephant Rocks State Park or the Rock Bridge Memorial can be brilliant places to visit. You can camp there, or just bring a picnic and spend the day. You can also visit other outdoor areas, like the National Tiger Sanctuary, where tigers are cared for by expert keepers. If wildlife takes your fancy, you can also see the Butterfly Palace, where a myriad of colours and sizes await. The Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery also showcases some wildlife in a unique form: you can actually see the fish being born!


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