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I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…

Round the world planning

The White Rabbit’s frantic cry is sounding a little too appropriate at the moment, as the clock is ticking away while I am NOT (ticking) nearly enough items off my rather overwhelming to-do list…

I’m hoping that writing things down and committing them to this blog will help me focus and actually make some headway (or maybe this is really just one more form of procrastination?!). So here goes a recap of what very little I have achieved to date and what a hell of a lot is left to do in the coming months:

What I have achieved so far

Research: I have certainly done a lot of that, including reading other travellers’ writings and The Rough Guide to First Time Around the World. In a way, this has been both helpful and unhelpful: I have discovered some pretty exciting travel blogs but there is also a lot of conflicting information out there and I now have, for instance, about 50 different packing lists giving very contradictory advice (e.g. jeans are a must, jeans are a massive no-no!). So, all in all, I think I’ll have to let my instinct (and my purse!) make some of my decisions for me…

Itinerary: Argh. Two and a half months before leaving, I should really have that figured out, shouldn’t I? Erm, well, I sort of do (says she blushing). After changing my mind about ten thousand times, shortening then lengthening then shortening then lengthening (repeat ad lib) my trip, and as attested by the twenty or so itineraries saved under ‘The One’, ‘The Real One, ‘The Final One’, ‘The Real One Really For Real This Time’ etc in the OneWorld Explorer round the world planning tool, this is the current – and hopefully Really Really Final – plan.

Vaccines: I am about halfway through what seems like an endless course of immunizations – and dealing with it surprisingly well (for someone who used to pass out every time she got an injection at least)!

Buying travel gear: I have made a very small start. And when I say small, I mean I have bought one pair of trousers, one tee-shirt, and a universal sink plug (the essential purchases first…:-)) so I am still quite a long way off! I have chosen a backpack though and should be receiving it very soon – yippee!

Building my website: This has probably been the most fun and frustrating part of it so far, but if you are reading this post it must mean that somehow I made it through and Camille in Wonderlands is live! There is still plenty left for me to geek out on in the coming months though, and I look forward to reading all about SEO, widgets and [insert random IT words here].

And now, on to the tonloads of things left to do:

– Book my RTW flights
– Book internal flights in Argentina
– Book Spanish course
– Buy all I need
– Inform work of my plans
– Find out what will happen to my phone contract
– Discuss plans with banks
– Find a new tenant for my room
– Find storage space
– Get more vaccines (yay!)
– Get prescription for anti-malarials
– Improve website

This is probably only half of it, but anyway, that should give a fairly good overview of what’s in store for me in the next two months – which is: a lot of stress, excitement and trepidation.

Bring it on!


Hey, I'm Camille! I quit my life to travel the world in 2013 – and I haven’t stopped since! I have visited 40+ countries as a location-independent travel/lifestyle writer and digital marketer. I like hammocks, scooters, eating, and scaring my mother trying adventure sports! I was chosen as a top travel influencer by, and have co-founded Helipad Marketing to help travel & lifestyle brands soar with killer online marketing.

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