Inside Norwegian hytte

The Serious Business of Norwegian Summer ‘Hyttelivet’ (‘Cottage Living’)

  When my friend Marie invited me to stay with her in Oslo two weeks ago, she mentioned that we could also spend a weekend at her cottage in the mountains. 'Yeah sure', I said, not giving it much thought, 'Why not. A weekend away sounds nice'. Immediately, she started getting excited, sending me pictures of said cottage and describing it down to the last detail...'Okay', I thought, 'she sounds very ...

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Chocolate, lakes and cottages: enjoying the Swiss – I mean, Argentinian! – Alps in Bariloche

I'd forgotten how much I love the mountains.I used to go skiing every year since I was 6 and, as a teenager, I spent several summers in a row hiking in the French Alps.But I'd had to pass on skiing these last few years and, aside from a couple of short trips to North Wales' Snowdonia, it had been nearly three years since I'd last had a chance to spend some proper time in the mountains.So it ...

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