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Get Closer To Nature: Making The Most Of Nature’s Playground

  Getting out in nature is said to reduce stress, improve your mood, and provide you with a good dose of vitamin D, which can help avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). While our world offers us many destinations that can be experienced all year round, it is in the summer months that many of our desires for the great outdoors emerge. This is the time to go outside and make the ...

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How to Plan the Best Trip to Phoenix, Arizona

  This post was originally posted by Mani on 3rd April 2017 on A New Life Wandering.  Phoenix, also known as the Valley of the Sun, provides sunshine almost every day of the year. And while it has remained on the list of must-visit cities in the U.S., something has shifted as of late. The city is gaining visitor momentum with its up-and-coming arts scene, gastronomic greatness, and its stunning desert and mountain scenery. If ...

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Get Off The Beaten Track: Adventures in Idaho

  Looking for a destination that’s off the beaten track, away from swarms of tourists and offers spectacular views? Then Idaho might be just what you’re after: it's the perfect place to get back to nature and really enjoy the great outdoors.    What To Do   The scenery in Idaho will knock your socks off, so spending time taking photos and enjoying the views is a must. Explore the Craters of the Moon National ...

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3 Ways To Stay Healthy On Your Big Backpacking Adventure

  When planning a backpacking trip, there’s a tendency to assume that you’ll be fitter and healthier than ever, with all the walking, etc. you'll be doing. This is certainly true in some cases. However, when your routine is interrupted and uncertain and it’s difficult to plan your meals ahead, the opposite sometimes happens.Whether you’re planning a quick getaway, a fun-packed gap year, or something longer-term, it pays to prioritize ...

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Sigulda, Europe’s Undiscovered Adventure Playground

  Attention, attention please! Calling all thrill-seekers, sporty types, adrenaline junkies and other adventure lovers: we're leaving immediately for Sigulda. Culture vultures and nature enthusiasts: come along, you'll find something there for you too!------------------------When I said 'adventure', maybe you thought I was taking you to New Zealand or Cape Town? Nope - we're headed for Northern Europe. What if I told you there is a little place in Latvia where you ...

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