Get Off The Beaten Track: Adventures in Idaho

Looking for a destination that’s off the beaten track, away from swarms of tourists and offers spectacular views? Then Idaho might be just what you’re after: it’s the perfect place to get back to nature and really enjoy the great outdoors.

What To Do

The scenery in Idaho will knock your socks off, so spending time taking photos and enjoying the views is a must. Explore the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, a unique park that offers camping and hiking amongst the dormant lava fields. This weird, scenic landscape is truly like nothing you will have seen before.

Have your breath taken away by the awesome Shoshone Falls, a waterfall that’s even taller than Niagara Falls. The falls offer an excellent range of fun things to do, including playgrounds, hiking trails, a boat ramp, a swimming area, and a scenic overlook. You can enjoy a picnic in the warm Idaho weather, surrounded by the most beautiful backdrop.

Another incredible natural wonder to check out is Hell’s Canyon. This is a series of paved state and forest highways that encircle the magnificent Wallowa Mountains. You can go fishing and hiking, camp, raft, ride horses, water ski, hang glide! There’s something for everyone.

Where To Stay

If you want a real raw and gritty experience, there’s no shortage of campsites where you can pitch a tent or hook up your RV for a night under the stars. If a hotel is more your thing, you can find all of the regular chain hotels in Idaho. They’re reliable and suited for a number of different price points. If you want amenities close by, a resort like the Best Western Edgewater Resort hotel in Sandpoint, Idaho could be your best choice. It has a central location, so it’s easy to access all of the different points of interest on your stay.

What To Eat

Idaho is famous for potatoes, since it produces one of the largest potato crops. Expect delicious potatoes served in many different ways. Finger steaks (battered and fried strips of steak), huckleberry ice cream (these small round berries are similar to blueberries), morel mushrooms and trout are all popular. There are a wide variety of different restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the Idahoan fare: real hearty, filling and delicious food.


There’s modest public transport in the cities in Idaho, but aside from that, there are no mass transport systems. So you really do feel like you’re out in the wild in this unique destination! There are a few roads you can drive to get around, and there’s also the option of buying plane tickets. On the trails, you can either lace up your walking boots or book a horse riding trek – far better than traffic noise droning on and swarms of people! In Idaho, you can really get away from all of that.

Is Idaho on your travel bucket list? What destinations are you visiting this year?


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