This Summer: Vacation or Staycation?

When we think summer, we think vacation. These two things tend to go hand in hand, kind of like ‘spring’ and ‘break’. However, there are some places we don’t necessarily consider when we think of summer. Sun, sea, and sand is usually what we go for. There are so many other places and things that deserve our attention, but they don’t get the recognition they should over the warmer months.

With that in mind, what should we be doing instead of relaxing on a beach… or where should these beaches be?!

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Not Necessarily Sandy Beaches…


Beyond sitting down and relaxing on sand, there are many other types of beaches to explore. There are stone beaches in Croatia, coral beaches on the Isle of Skye, and black sand beaches in the Canary Islands. Rather than sitting still all day, these beaches offer you the chance to get up and about and to photograph the stunning landscapes. Bring a camera to snap beautiful pictures of the wildlife – both flora and fauna – around you.

Sun, Sea, and…Snow?



Taking the 3 S’s to a new level, let’s try substituting the sand for snow. Ski holidays are becoming more and more popular, but few people decide to embark on them when it’s warm. Why? Well, they think that the snow will melt in the warmer weather. They’re not necessarily wrong, but you’re so high up on the slopes that it has little chance to get cold. The snow will stick around, don’t worry. Sites like Meribel Accommodation offer amazing places to stay when you decide to take to the slopes. The weather is usually a lot fairer when you’re not skiing, so take a few pairs of sunglasses with you as well!

Explore the Architecture



There are a whole host of countries whose buildings come alive in the summer sun. Places like Krakow in Poland, Hamburg in Germany, and Edinburgh in Scotland all have a wealth of history reflected in their fantastic buildings. However, these monuments take on an entirely different dimension when a warm glow highlights all of their intricate designs. If you don’t feel like going on vacation this summer, it’s worth touring your local town or city to explore some of the architecture on display there. It’s incredible how much a change in lighting, whether natural or not, can affect the way these places appear – especially through the lens of a camera!

Summer in Winter, Winter in Summer?



If you’re not a fan of the heat the summer season brings, remember that there is always a region on the other side of the world that is experiencing the opposite season. For example, Australia’s summer is during other countries’ winter months. Their hot months are from October to February. So swap it up and travel over there if you want to feel cooler in the summer – i.e., their winter!


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