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Try Sensational Food and Drink on a Trip to Lovely Les Gets

Les Gets is one of the resorts that make up the Portes du Soleil ski area on the French-Swiss border. It is famed for its excellent food and is the perfect ski destination for foodie travellers who want to eat well after a hard day on the slopes. Les Gets is only an hour from Geneva airport, and this cosy and traditional French village offers the choice of over 50 restaurants and 14 bars, making it a great place for those who want to sample some great Savoyarde cuisine.

Where to stay in Les Gets?

The centre of the resort is the best place to stay for the lively après-ski atmosphere. Be in the heart of the action among the cafes, bars, and restaurants, and be instantly ready for the next day of skiing. The resort is also a pretty, scenic place to relax and unwind. With a wide range of accommodation, there will always be somewhere to suit your needs. To book your perfect ski break in Les Gets, try searching for a ski holiday by

What should you try in Les Gets?

So, you already know that Les Gets offers exceptional French food, but what exactly should you try? There are some local specialities you can’t go without sampling whilst in this lovely French town. Here are a few examples of dishes you have to try during your stay here!

Fondue Savoyarde

Of course, you must try the classic après-ski dish fondue savoyarde: a mix of excellent French cheeses, flour, garlic, and usually white wine melted in a large, deep pot. Delicious French bread to dip into the cheese completes this simple dish nicely. Most traditional restaurants in the Alps will serve their own special twist on this dish. The recipes might differ ever so slightly, but they are all very tasty!


A semi-firm creamy mountain cheese typically warmed, melted, and eaten with bread. You will usually find it is served with your very own mini-grill to warm and brown yourself before serving with bread, pickles, and dried meats. Raclette is so popular that some self-catering apartments provide their own Raclette grill for guests to use. If you try only one thing in Les Gets, make sure it is raclette!

Diots (Savoyard sausages)

These cabbage-flavoured sausages are usually cooked in wine and are distinctive to the Savoy. They can be eaten hot or cold, but are mostly served hot with polenta or croziflette. If eaten cold, they are generally covered in Dijon mustard and eaten on their own as a snack.


Tartiflette is a renowned Savoyard gratin dish made with potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons, and onions. It is one of the go-to comfort foods on the slopes. Croziflette involves small pasta shells filled with buckwheat and cooked with cheese: this is a twist on the tartiflette, replacing potatoes with pasta. Both are delicious on their own or as side dishes for grilled meats.


After a hard day on the slopes and to accompany that well-deserved glass of wine, charcuterie boards are a popular choice for sharing. Platters usually contain different hams, cured dried sausages, pate, terrine, and boudin (blood pudding) served with fresh French bread. They’re great to share as a large group or family meal.

Desserts and sugary treats

Bugnes is a French pastry similar to a donut: fried and covered in icing sugar. It is served as a dessert and also often eaten as a post-ski snack. Gâteau de Savoie is a simple but difficult-to-prepare sponge cake originally from the Chambéry region. Served with icing sugar and apple jam, this cake goes well with a coffee at lunch, or as a dessert after dinner. Saint-Genix is a popular snack to refuel and boost your energy levels between ski runs. It is a brioche-style bread cake with red pralines and plenty of sugar – another snack that is best enjoyed with a coffee or hot chocolate!

Where to try these traditional dishes? The top restaurants in Les Gets

Now you know a bit more about the dishes you should try, where can you try them? As mentioned earlier, there are over 50 restaurants in the resort, so which ones stand out? Here are a few restaurants you need to visit to sample the local cuisine during your stay.

La Croix Blanche

A restaurant with a cosy chalet feel that is well known for its firewood grill. The restaurant offers traditional food and an exceptional array of grilled meats. Try the rib of beef, skewered pig’s cheeks, lamb chops grilled the Savoyard way, or the house specialty pates and fondue. La Croix Blanche is part of a chalet hotel within the mountains and is popular with lunchtime visitors.

La Piste Noire

This restaurant is located in the Marmotte Hotel. It offers some sophisticated French cuisine: traditional with a modern twist. If you are looking for a civilised dining experience and an excellent selection of food, this a great place to start. Large long windows offer views across the resort, adding to the warm and charming ambiance.

La Pivotte

For a traditional mountain meal and to try all the classics dishes from fondue to raclette, La Pivotte is your place. In the rustic, cosy dining area you can warm yourself on the log fire and enjoy the old chalet atmosphere. Another restaurant that graces the inside of the Marmotte Hotel in central Les Gets.

Le Vaffieu

It’s easy to ski in and out of this mountain restaurant, which is particularly busy with skiers taking a break between runs during the day. You will find lots of traditional snacks and drinks to keep you going, as well as some exceptional gourmet French cuisine. The views from the terrace are definitely worth the stop for lunch.

La Case K2

If you are looking for something other than traditional French food (or you just need a break from cheese!), this café in the centre of the village is a good option. It offers simple but tasty fast-food and snacks, including burgers and fries, crepes, and even a vegetarian burger. Good for a quick meal, and great for kids too!

Le Belvedere Restaurant

The view from this restaurant is the highlight of your meal here. Skiers and pedestrians can access the restaurant from Mont Chery gondola, so anyone can take in these spectacular views whilst eating. There’s both a sit-down restaurant and a self-service area for a faster lunch too. So if you are in a rush, you can grab-and-go during your skiing day.

What do you think?

Has this post inspired you to book a trip to Les Gets? Even if you are not keen on skiing, the food alone is worth the journey to this part of the French Alps. As a foodie traveller or to combine great food and an adventure holiday, make sure you put Les Gets on your must-visit list.


Are you planning a ski trip to the French Alps or elsewhere? Are there any foods you are looking forward to trying? Let me know in the comments!
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