Grand Designs and (not too) Great Expectations: my plans for Camille in Wonderlands

It has taken me a while, and I apologize to those of you who have been following me since the beginning and have already had to get through three different websites, but as you can see Camille in Wonderlands has finally migrated to WordPress. And the good news is, that’s it this time: unlike me, Camille in Wonderlands has found its home and is now ready to settle down and build a long and peaceful life in its new WordPress abode.

I was fairly satisfied with the Moonfruit website but quickly realized that the blogging functionality was rather limited; besides, something kept nagging at me, insisting that I would have to move the site to WordPress at some point if I wanted to develop the blog and establish it in the longer term, and I reckoned it needed to be done sooner rather than later – better to transfer all the content now, rather than when I have tens or hundreds (or thousands?!) of posts to copy over!

So here we are: I have tamed the WordPress beast and overcome a few headaches and breakdowns to bring you a new, prettier and more functional website, with its own crazy logo and even a domain of its own. To celebrate, I thought the time had come to announce my big plans for Camille in Wonderlands in the coming year:

This website is intended as a blend of my three main passions: travel, reading and writing. I have put these three ingredients in a shaker to create the perfect cocktail, and as I decided to place emphasis on what I love and know best, Camille in Wonderlands is now (drum roll)… The Round the World Travel Blog with a Literary and Cultural Focus.

This means that as well as chronicling my adventures around the world and providing myriads of advice and information along the way, I will zoom in on the history, culture and literature of each place I visit, with a particular focus on books, film and music, and one of my other great interests: FOOD!! (Note that I am interested in EATING it, not COOKING it – I am completely hopeless in the kitchen!).

What you can expect therefore are entertaining stories and anecdotes from my travels, numerous reviews and tips to encourage you to follow in my footsteps and help you plan your own holidays or trip of a lifetime, and some tantalizing, amusing or inspiring photos.

In keeping with the blog’s theme, I have also decided to introduce a weekly feature: the Sunday poem. I have always hated Sundays: it seems that when I was growing up, these were always the days the weather was miserable, my friends were busy having endless lunches with their cousins or grandparents, and all the shops were closed, so that there was absolutely nothing to do except watch pretty poor circus shows on telly; as an adult, it is now the dreaded end of the weekend, on which I just can’t relax knowing that I am due to go back to work the next day.

So I have made it my mission to brighten up everyone’s Sundays (or at least mine) with a little bit of poetry – but with a travel twist: each week, I will post a piece I like from a local poet, or related in some way to the place I am. I am excited to discover new writers, enlarge my collection of favourite poems, and share my coups de coeur with you this way.

There will also be monthly round-ups presenting the stats, highlights and lowlights for each month, and similar summaries for each country aiming to give you an at-a-glance idea of what I found worthwhile in each destination, how to travel within the country, and how much to budget for. I hope you will find these useful!

I will be adding more regular features as I go along and find out what I enjoy writing about, and what you my readers enjoy reading about – if there is anything you would particularly like to see featured, please let me know in the comments below!


Have any ideas on how to make Camille in Wonderlands the best travel book and most inviting of mazes ever? Leave a comment below!



Hey, I'm Camille! I quit my life to travel the world in 2013 – and I haven’t stopped since! I have visited 40+ countries as a location-independent travel/lifestyle writer and digital marketer. I like hammocks, scooters, eating, and scaring my mother trying adventure sports! I was chosen as a top travel influencer by, and have co-founded Helipad Marketing to help travel & lifestyle brands soar with killer online marketing.

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