Three Beautiful Australian Destinations You Don’t Want To Miss

Incredible weather, beautiful views, and rich history: it’s no wonder that visiting Australia is so high on so many people’s bucket lists. You will already know about popular places to see (such as the Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach), but have you thought about some of the less-travelled paths you could take? Here are three destinations that you won’t want to miss on your trip to Australia.

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Cable Beach - Photo by Josh Janssen via Flickr
Cable Beach – Photo by Josh Janssen via Flickr

Located in the stunning Kimberley region of Western Australia, Broome is a beach resort town with a thriving pearling industry. Although the sparsely-populated Australian outback is well-renowned for its challenging natural landscape and exotic wildlife, don’t let that deter you. It’s also home to Cable Beach, a true tropical paradise of white sandy beaches, red mountains, and warm turquoise sea. You can ride camels at sunset, experience the low tide in a four-wheeler ride, or try out various watersports, including jet skiing and scuba diving. Further out in the local town, you can visit Broome’s Chinatown, see the pearl showrooms, and immerse yourself in the fascinating history and culture. As the beach is located four miles from town, it’s a good idea to choose your Broome accommodation in-between the two for easy access to both.

Fraser Island

Indian Beach - Photo via Pixabay
Indian Beach – Photo via Pixabay

Fraser Island is the world’s biggest ‘sand island’: picture over a hundred kilometers of breathtaking natural wonders, including rainforests, mangrove forests, coastal heaths, and sand dunes. It offers fishing opportunities, self-driving tours, and ‘eco-adventures’ that will turn your trip into a real once-in-a-lifetime experience. On your eco-adventure, you will see a host of wild animals (including dingos), the Red Canyon, the famous Rainbow Beach, and more. If you are able to tear yourself away from your sun lounger, your cocktail, and the luxurious views of the beach, there is plenty to see and do! To witness even more of the island’s beauty, you can visit the remote and untouched western side. This is something you’re not likely to find in many other parts of the modern world – prepare to be wowed!


Perth skyline - Photo via Pixabay
Perth skyline – Photo via Pixabay

Australian cities are some of the most interesting in the world to visit. You might immediately think of Sydney (which of course is a gorgeous city!), but Perth should definitely be on your radar too. From vibrant festivals to world class nightlife and captivating culture, Perth gives you the best combination of a trendy urban atmosphere and a fantastic natural landscape. You can visit Kings Park (one of the biggest inner city parks in the world) for views of the Perth skyline. You could also take a boat trip on the Swan River or do some sightseeing on a walking tour. No matter what you are into or the type of trip you are after, there will be something for you here. The climate is mild and it’s less expensive than other places in Australia, which makes it great for tourists.


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