camille welcome citizenm amsterdam

Staying in Boutique Cool at citizenM Amsterdam

Guess what? My boyfriend and I recently added a new citizenship to our collection of visas, passport stamps, and confused identities. Last month, we became members of the citizenM universe when we stayed at CitizenM Amsterdam!But let me rewind.It's ironic that I fell for a Dutchman, since The Netherlands have been a big gap in my travels. Until last month, I had never been, and I knew shamefully little about ...

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Finding the Edge of Oslo on an Alternative Tour

  Have you ever visited a city and felt like something was missing? You've toured the touristy areas, you've seen the sights, but somehow you're not sure how it all fits together, what's between those landmarks and what 'lies East'. Or maybe, you haven't captured the atmosphere of the city, how it grew and the way the locals actually live, work, and play.Basically, you haven't scratched beneath the surface.This is what ...

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visit Ayutthaya Thailand kingdom temples

Feeling Like Indie in Ayutthaya, Thailand

When you spend any length of time in Asia, visiting temples can become, well, a little repetitive.In the space of two months, I had been in Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand, four countries where religious (mainly Buddhist) buildings - temples, monasteries, shrines - constitute some of the main attractions. Okay, most of those places are stunning, but still, one does get somewhat desensitized, particularly when one is not religious ...

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