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You Might Not Have Visited These Parts Of The UK, But You Should!

  Because of the fact that it is, comparatively, incredibly small, people tend to assume that there's not really that much to see and do in the UK. After all, you could fit England inside the state of Texas and still have plenty of room! However, just because a place is small doesn't mean that there aren't heaps of spots to see and things to do there. In fact, there are ...

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Best Hotels for a Great Stay in Cultural Cambridge, Massachusetts

  A stone’s throw away from Boston, the lively city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, stands out as the home of two of the U.S.’s (and world’s) most prestigious universities: Harvard and MIT. The campus population combines a youthful energy and diversity best embodied by the town’s different European-style neighborhoods, or “Squares.” Whether you visit for the history, the world-class museums and the food range, or simply to soak up the dynamic atmosphere ...

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