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You Don’t Have To Be Just a Girl in The World

Remember Gwen Stefani ironically singing 'I'm just a girl in the world', back in 1995?Here's a reminder. Yes, she was still with her No Doubt band mates at the time, and this is what she was rocking about: Don't you think I know Exactly where I stand This world is forcing me To hold your hand 'Cause I'm just a girl, little 'ol me Don't let me out of your sight So many reasons For me to run and ...

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101 Things I’ll Be Busy Doing in the Next 2.5 Years

 You know me: I like a good challenge.Whether it be hiking the Inca Trail (and of course, I absolutely had to be the first at the Sun Gate on the last day), riding down the Death Road, or learning to cook pad thai without burning down a poor Thai man’s kitchen (don’t laugh: that very nearly happened), I enjoy constantly trying new things, pushing myself, and exerting that slightly (over?)competitive ...

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Don’t ‘Date’ a Girl Who Travels

Don’t ‘date’ a girl who travels, because a girl who travels wants nothing to do with conventional, formalised, American soap-opera’ed approaches to relationships. A girl who travels doesn’t ‘date’. She may do all the rest: flings, romances. Whirlpools. Strings and no strings. She can pull off the whole range – more or less well. But risks (chances?) are, she has no interest in this ‘dating’ business. Don't 'date' a girl who ...

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Re-emerging from the yellow submarine: on transient dreams, and going on

So: just like that, I found myself out of a tour two weeks before the end, nursing an emotional hangover in a dilapidated beach hostel on the Western coast of Ecuador. From one day (or, really, one night) to the next, I was no longer travelling as part of a group following a set itinerary, but once again a solo backpacker, single-minded and free. And not exactly sure what to ...

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