Top things to do in Benidorm

Top Things To Do In Benidorm, Spain (Beyond The Beach!)

When we arrived in Benidorm, it was obvious what most tourists come here for: spend their days on the beach. But if like us, you're looking for more active things to do in Benidorm, you’ve come to the right place!The tourism board, Visit Benidorm, invited us to explore another side of this sunny city near Alicante, on the West coast of Spain. So, we spent 4 days trying out various ...

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Camille’s Adventures in Wonderlands – days 1-4: Madrid, Spain

I am writing this post from a taberna where I had to seek shelter from the rain, sipping on a freshly pressed zumo de naranjas (which is somewhat of a Spanish tradition - they sell fresh orange juice almost everywhere here, and it's so good!). We all tend to associate Spain with sun and warmth, or at least with a sunnier and warmer climate than in our parts of Europe, so it's a little bit gutting ...

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