6 Reasons To Visit Thailand This Summer

  Thailand has a lot to offer any traveler, from beautiful coves to relax on to the most amazing food. Then there’s the cultural stimulation, as well as a vast and varied range of sights and attractions to explore. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that Thailand has become such a sought-after travel destination! In fact, after more than 3 years of full-time travel, it remains one ...

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easter island rapa nui kari kari show

Easter Island Magic: Moai Don’t Lie

This is Part 2 of my Easter Island write-up. You can read Part 1 here. Day 2 The next morning, I was woken up (I wish I could say at dawn, but really, it must have been at least 10am...) by sunshine and heat piercing through my tent. In need of transportation to visit the rest of the island, I swiftly enrolled two of my fellow campers, Clarance from Singapore and Shingo ...

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Nay and yay: classical vs modern art in Madrid – episode 2, Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

Note: this is part 2 of my Match of the Madrid Museums feature, pitting classical art against modern art in the city's two star museums. You can read part 1 on my visit to the Museo del Prado here.After a rather underwhelming visit of the Museo del Prado - or rather, overwhelming in a bad way -, I was glad to go back to what I enjoy most with a visit of the ...

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