Camille standing in the wind in Chile's Torres del Paine National Park

Blown Away at Torres del Paine, Chile

  Most people choose to visit Torres del Paine by foot.  While Chile's Southern Patagonian national park draws crowds of hiking enthusiasts keen to take on the 4-day 'W' trekking circuit, or, more challenging still, the 10-day 'full circuit', I'm ashamed to say I chose the lazy option: short on time and energy, I opted for a day-long bus tour taking in the park's main features instead.When I say lazy... our ...

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Re-emerging from the yellow submarine: on transient dreams, and going on

So: just like that, I found myself out of a tour two weeks before the end, nursing an emotional hangover in a dilapidated beach hostel on the Western coast of Ecuador. From one day (or, really, one night) to the next, I was no longer travelling as part of a group following a set itinerary, but once again a solo backpacker, single-minded and free. And not exactly sure what to ...

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Camille’s Adventures in Wonderlands: Month 1 Round-Up

It's already been just over a month since I started travelling, and I can't believe that much time has passed!After a short adaptation phase, I have slowly settled into the routine of my new life on the road and have begun to plan less and less, to travel more savvily, and to meet more and more people.I am currently staying with a friend in Santiago de Chile - you can't ...

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