Prague sunrise autumn getaway

Prague Makes for a Perfect Autumn Getaway

You may expect most vacation articles to be covering ideas for summer, seeing as we’ve officially entered that season! But a lot of people who are vacationing this summer already know where they’re going and have planned appropriately. Now that summer is upon us, it might be time to start thinking about vacation plans for autumn. How about a trip to Prague?

Why is autumn a particularly interesting time to travel? Well, it’s actually the perfect season to see many places. In autumn, the sharp heat of summer starts to wear away and is replaced by comfortably chilled weather. Landscapes are replete with the gorgeous colors of fading leaves. Besides, shoulder and low season chase away the crowds and bring budget-friendlier prices.

This raises the question: are there any places out there that actually make for good “autumn getaways”? Technically, anywhere can be a great autumn getaway, especially for those who don’t like the heat. Although we often speak of Florida as a summer destination, those who prefer not to melt within seconds of standing outside are likely to enjoy it more in autumn. While New Work City in winter is widely acclaimed, it’s also much colder than people think – autumn is the best month to visit NYC, really!

Path Autumn Vltava River Pavement Trees Prague
But when it comes to places that really fit the feel of autumn, few are better than Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. While not many people think of the place as a vacation destination, cheap flights to Prague should definitely be taken advantage of. While the summer and winter weather in Prague is usually a lot less punishing than in many famous vacation destinations, it can still get unpleasant. The main reason for this is that Prague demands that you spend most of your time outdoors.

Prague is an incredible city for simply walking around, and autumn undeniably makes for the best walks. Prague isn’t the type of city where you want to jump on the Metro to get from A to B, like in Paris or New York City – because when you do, you’re guaranteed to miss out on so much. It’s a maze-like stunner of a city, filled with architectural masterpieces; its red, gold, and orange hues fit the autumn season perfectly. It’s also incredibly clean, by the way. Seriously; if you think the likes of London and New York City aren’t that bad, just wait till you’ve seen Prague. You’ll suddenly notice every drop of litter and every touch of pollution in the skies of your home city!

Prague View Skyline Church Czech Roofs
One of the best things about Prague is that it’s not stuffed with tourists at all times of the day. In fact, if you like quiet vacations that feature as few crowds as possible, then autumn is a perfect season precisely because there are no school holidays in Prague at that time! That means you’ll be able to wander (or cycle!) around the city free from the interruptions and lines that big crowds can bring.

Plus, they have incredible beer. There’s even a beer spa. Seriously.


Have you been to Prague? What autumn getaway are you planning? Let me know in the comments!

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