The Best Beaches in Australia

The distant continent never ceases to attract connoisseurs of the exotic. But the virgin forests and the unique fauna – are not the only “charm” of the mainland. Melbourne, attracting visitors with its alleys, Brisbane, full of evergreen trees, Canberra, with its rich cultural heritage…

It is difficult not to fall in love with this country, especially after visiting the beach. Please take a look at our Australian beach rankings, and choose the one that suits you most among the best beaches in Australia!

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Whitehaven, the pearl of the South Pacific, is 7 kilometres long. It is formed of many beautiful bays and lagoons with natural points of view surround it.

The Hill Inlet bay, located in the northern part of the beach, is particularly magnificent. Here, the white snow-covered sand merges with the depths of the sea at flow time, creating a surreal palette that no photo can quite do justice to.

Tongue Point, meanwhile, is the best place to observe the “swirling sand” of Hill Gulf. Whitehaven’s main treasure is under your feet. The absence of any debris makes its rare sand very white, clean, soft, and bright in the sun.

Bondi Beach

Sydney’s famous Bondi is a large crescent-shaped bay located on the Pacific coast. The whole beach is covered with white sand, which is monitored by a special service. The water is also clear and transparent and stays cool. It is one of the unmissable places to visit in Sydney.

The ocean in Bondi is always quite cold; rough water and dangerous reverse currents are rather common. In the high season, sharks come to the beach, and the northern part of the beach is safer. The south part of the beach is open only for surfers. Swimming pools are marked with labels beyond which the area is dangerous.

The majority of Bondi visitors enjoy surfing, yoga, or jogging. They have evening parties on the beach here. This beach is more suitable for young people; it is crowded any day of the year.

Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is one of the most famous spots in Cairns and Brisbane, but that does not mean that you should not visit it. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Hosted by the world-famous Whitsunday Islands, Airlie Beach guarantees you the most fantastic moments in its excellent subtropical climate that prevails all year round in its area. This beach is highly touristy, with dozens of bars, restaurants and shops. You can spend your days under the sun in the cool sea and your evenings listening to music in one of the cosmopolitan nightclubs.

 It would be best if you did not miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful place, with its incomparable natural beauty, which stands out all over Australia.

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Noosa Main Beach

Noosa Main Beach is located 130 km north of Brisbane. If you want to learn to surf, this may be the place to do it. The waves are generally very gentle, and lifeguards and experienced surfers will be around to keep you safe.

Because it is located in the northern part, the waters are warmer than elsewhere, as they are protected. If you are looking for a place that suits the whole family, Noosa Main is an impressive spot. There are plenty of bars, cafés and restaurants on Hastings Street for refreshments after a relaxing day at the beach.

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