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Road trips have become one of the most popular ways to explore the United States. In fact, they are now so popular that they have become an integral part of the country’s culture. After all, you just have to look at all the great works that have been inspired by Jack Kerouac’s novel On The Road to see that Americans really do love a good road trip across the country!

So, there are plenty of reasons why you should seriously consider organising one for your next jaunt across the US. But there is a lot of planning that needs to go into these extensive adventures! Hopefully, the following tips will help you design your dream road trip.

Don’t Think It’s Just About Cars

Obviously, the most popular way to travel across the country is by car. If you live in The States, this shouldn’t be a problem, as you can just use your own. It gets a bit more complicated for those travelling from elsewhere. You might want to hire a rental car, but this can turn out to be very costly. Some people even buy a secondhand car and resell it at the end of their trip. But there are other options, such as catching a chartered bus like You might also like the idea of catching a train across the country. The States are absolutely beautiful, and most trains have special viewing cars in which you can sit and enjoy the impressive views!

Do Book Some Accommodation In Advance

One of the best things about going on a road trip is being able to be completely spontaneous. As long as you are at your end destination on your final day, you can do whatever you want! Of course all this spontaneity might not lend itself to being too organised. However, it is a good idea to book accommodation in the big cities that you want to see. This will guarantee that you have a bed when you arrive. Plus, it gives a little structure to your trip, which can help you hit your final destination right on schedule.

Don’t Stick To One Job

Some of us are better at navigating than others. If you know that you don’t read maps all that well, then you should do the bulk of the driving rather than spend time navigating. Otherwise, you could end up getting very lost! But it is still a good idea to take a break from all that driving once in a while, as you could get very tired, which makes it dangerous to be behind the wheel.

Do Set Up A Playlist

You will end up driving for hours on end and, no matter how gorgeous the scenery is, it can get quite boring after a while! So, it’s a good idea to create a road trip playlist on Spotify: Listening to your favorite tunes will greatly alleviate the boredom. Podcasts are another great way to stay chipper through the trip.
Have a fun trip!


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