Sunday travel poetreat 1: Madrid, Spain

I have always hated Sundays: it seems that when I was growing up, these were always the days the weather was miserable, my friends were ...

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Calculatricks: budgeting for long-term travel – my pre-trip costs and tips

I have been putting it off for a while, but on a day where I found out that a) there had been a fire at ...

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Grand Designs and (not too) Great Expectations: my plans for Camille in Wonderlands

It has taken me a while, and I apologize to those of you who have been following me since the beginning and have already had ...

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(Book)mark! A round-up of the world’s most unusual bookshops

A few days ago, I wrote about two of my favourite bookshops: Atlantis Books on the island of Santorini, and Shakespeare and Company in Paris. ...

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Atlantis Books, Santorini: Literary Heaven on Greek Island Paradise

  I've decided to take a break from chronicling my trip preparations to tell you about a little gem I recently discovered in Ia (or Oia), ...

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Choosing RTW itinerary and flights

What road(s) to travel? Choosing your RTW itinerary and flights

It was a struggle, but I got there in the end: months' worth of research, ever-changing (travel) fantasies, and £2,665 later, I am the proud ...

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Movies about travel

Wanderlust Culture: 22 Films to Send You (Back)packing

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WidgetsWhen you're planning a round-the-world trip for months, it can be difficult to keep the momentum going: there are times when the stress ...

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Planning for long-term travel

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late…

The White Rabbit's frantic cry is sounding a little too appropriate at the moment, as the clock is ticking away while I am NOT (ticking) ...

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Booking Oneworld Explorer RTW flights

Oneworld’s Curious Labyrinth: the absurd struggle to buy my round-the-world flights

A few weeks ago, I decided the time had come to take the dreaded step. No more wavering and putting it off and chickening out: ...

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Lowe Alpine Annapurna 65:80

Introducing… Annapurna 65:80!

  My future best friend/house has arrived! We got to know each other on a recent Eurostar trip, and I must say: I love him already.

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Free volunteering abroad

Camille’s Odyssey/L’Odyssée de Camille

Friends, As most of you know, I am leaving to travel the world for at least eight months at the end of February. As part of ...

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Why travel round the world

Many unbirthdays: why travel round the world

'Off with her head!'... what my family is silently – or, as it happens, not so silently – shouting as I prepare for this trip, ...

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