Going it Alone: Tips For Solo Travellers Inspiration / Lifestyle / Planning

  Travelling alone can be a very eye-opening and liberating experience. It hones your sense of self-reliance, and you don’t have to please anyone (other than yourself!) when deciding what to do, where to go, or who to see… but it is quite different from travelling with a friend, loved one, or in a large group. Here are my top tips to help budding solo...

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This Summer: Vacation or Staycation? Inspiration / Lifestyle / Planning

  When we think summer, we think vacation. These two things tend to go hand in hand, kind of like ‘spring’ and ‘break’. However, there are some places we don’t necessarily consider when we think of summer. Sun, sea, and sand is usually what we go for. There are so many other places and things that deserve our attention, but they don’t get the recognition...

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Unique Ideas For Seeing New Frontiers Inspiration / Lifestyle / Planning

  Knowing that you want to travel is the first step on your big adventure. The experience only means something if it’s a journey you’ve been passionate about undertaking for a long time. Of course, perhaps you’ve no idea how to go about travelling, and that’s what has always deterred you from taking the big plunge. Do you go alone? Do you treat it as...

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Solo Camping Tips for Ladies Inspiration / Lifestyle / Planning

  Spending time in solitude with nature as your only companion is good for the soul. It gives you space and time to think, challenges you to excel, and makes you really appreciate the world around you. Sound good? Here are some solo camping tips for all you adventurous ladies out there!   Choose the Right Location   Solo female travellers are constantly being warned...

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Like Camping But Hate Roughing It? Inspiration / Lifestyle / Planning

  Camping can be an exhilarating experience. It provides an opportunity to be close to nature and to embrace a simple existence for the duration of your trip. However, if you don’t like being without your creature comforts, the very thought of a camping holiday may fill you with dread. Fortunately, there are compromises. Camping doesn’t have to be all about roughing it and doing...

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