About me

Hello! I’m Camille, a twenty-something publishing and literature graduate from France.

I grew up a few kilometres West of Paris but moved to the UK for my studies at 18, and subsequently lived in London and among the dreamy spires of Oxford.

It was a long love/hate relationship with my adoptive country but after an unexpected 9 years in England, I felt ready to turn the page and opened a new chapter by taking to the road in February 2013.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been independent and loved going abroad – or even just ‘away’. From the age of five, my ‘cruel’ parents sent me to summer camp for several weeks every year, and while the other children would cry out for their families, I loved it and don’t recall ever getting homesick! I was too busy trying out new activities – ranging from sailing and ice-skating to, erm, circus training – and making new friends, and would invariably wish for the holiday never to end. In fact, I would usually give my parents the cold shoulder when they came to pick me up.

After living as an expat in the UK for so long, I began to feel a little homeless – definitely not British but not quite French anymore, continuing to speak English with an unmistakable Gallic accent, yet struggling to string two sentences together in my native language without inserting many ‘random’s’ and ‘definitely’s’…

So, I decided to finally give in to my nagging wanderlust and make my home the whole wide world and an 80L backpack for a while!

To find out more about my reasons for taking this trip, read my travel manifesto.

UPDATE: nearly two years on, ‘a while’ has turned into ‘indefinitely’!

UPDATE 2: I have now downsized to a 50L backpack, yay!

About this Website

Camille in Wonderlands is intended as a blend of my three passions: travel, writing, and reading.

As well as chronicling my adventures and encouraging others to follow in my footsteps, I will be focusing on what I like best and know most about: literature, culture and the arts.

Expect plenty of entertaining stories, helpful reviews and advice, and inspiring snapshots… as well as the occasional rant!

Happy wanderings.

Read more about my Grand Designs for Camille in Wonderlands here.

Some of the things that make me happy…
  • Riding motorbikes/quadbikes
  • Reading and writing poetry
  • Swimming underwater
  • Adventure sports
  • Cheese and wine (obviously)
  • Having endless existential conversations (fueled by cheese and wine, obviously)
  • European and independent cinema (I’m an arthouse film geek!)
  • Instant connections and chemistry
  • Singing karaoke
  • Modern and surrealist art (Dali, Magritte etc.)
  • Playing football (soccer)
…and some of the things that don’t!
  • Snakes – eeeek!
  • Clubbing
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes (I work as a copy-editor)
  • The 10,000 Marvel movies produced by Hollywood annually: whyyy?
  • Beer – yes, BEER. I stopped drinking beer at 21 because I realized I didn’t like it, and had never liked it. Do you know how much of a handicap it is not to like beer, both as a human being and a traveler? The whole world thinks you’re an alien, and as it’s pretty much the only drink available and affordable in most countries, you have to choose between being on water the whole night, or buying a glass of wine or a cocktail… for the price of 5 beers! It is a SAD affliction.
  • Classical/religious art
  • Ice cream and pizza: meh

3 random facts about me
  • Despite loving them, I am a little scared of hammocks as I once fell off one and managed to bump my head really bad… these things are DANGEROUS!
  • I studied a whole range of useless languages, including Latin, Old English, Medieval English, and Medieval French.
  • I have synesthesia, which means that I see letters and words in colour!

Congrats for reading so far! 😉 You deserve a little reward…

So, for your entertainment, here is possibly the ugliest photo ever taken of me… enjoy!

Looking like a creature straight out of Pan’s Labyrinth: incriminating evidence of my first-ever scuba dive on Easter Island.

For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.

Robert Louis Stevenson - writer

I am reading

Travels with My Aunt
Author: Graham Greene